NEWARI Calls on Enugu State Government to Prioritize Water Quality to Avert Cholera Outbreak

Following the cholera outbreaks in several states in Nigeria, the Network of Water Rights Initiative (NEWARI), a coalition of grassroots organizations committed to promoting access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene services, across Nigeria, through human rights and responsibility-based approach, has charged Enugu State Government to take proactive measures to ensure the quality of water consumed by its residents. This is coming, following the Commissioner of Health’s assurance of no confirmed cholera cases in the state. The Coalition stressed that it is crucial for Enugu State Government to utilize this opportunity to deploy systems change approach that will address the root cause of waterborne and water-related diseases, which arise from consumption of contaminated water.

The Coalition charged the government to intensify efforts in regulating and monitoring the quality of water delivered by water tankers that serve as the primary source of water for many households in the state. *In addition to that*, the coalition also  recommended an improvement in the adoption of household water treatment across the state as critical steps to prevent potential outbreak and spread of cholera and other waterborne diseases.
In her statement, the Coordinator of NEWARI, Amb. Amaka Nweke stressed that to avert outbreak of waterborne diseases in the state, the government must:
  • Effectively regulate the operations of water tankers to ensure they provide safe and potable water
  • Promote household water treatment options like filtration, boiling, and disinfection
  • Conduct regular water quality testing and monitoring
  • Educate citizens on the importance of water treatment and hygiene practices.
NEWARI’s Communications Director, Mr. Ikenna Ugwu stated that Enugu State Government can protect its residents from the scourge of cholera and other waterborne diseases by simply prioritizing water quality and water services delivery in the state.
“While we appreciate government effort so far in water and sanitation issues in the state, we cannot afford to be complacent at this crucial time.” – Mr. Ikenna Ugwu.
He called on Enugu State Government to act now to ensure access to safe and clean water for all as the health and well-being of Enugu residents depend on it.

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